Finding A Passion and Purpose by Kim Trumbo

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Finding A Passion and Purpose by Kim Trumbo


“He died.” The words I’ll never forget my mother telling me over the phone one day as I was driving home from work. Don’t worry I have hands-free Bluetooth in my vehicle, so I wasn’t holding a cell phone to my ear.

Often times when people lose a loved one they react in ways they never knew possible. My reaction several months after the death of my brother (who was only 27 years old) was that of “What is my purpose? How can I make this world a better place in this short time span I’m blessed to be alive on this planet?” I wasn’t sure at first. Then I found a love for listening to these free pieces of audio entertainment called podcasts! I decided surely there could be something I could say or get others to say (by way of…

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Episode #7 FANtastic Friday

Episode #7 FANtastic Friday

Before I talk about this episode, do me a HUGE favor?  Please go to the iTunes store, and give the show a star rating???  This is a big way to help the show’s messages grow!  Thanks so much.

In this episode you’ll hear me speak about several ways YOU can get involved to help make the world a better place.  The first way is by checking out Idealist.  This is a website that you can type in your location, what you’d like to do to help out (volunteer, work, internship, etc.), and the website gives you a list of ways you can get involved!  How cool is that?

Most folks, at least in the United States, have heard of Craigslist to buy things, but you can also find opportunities to volunteer in YOUR community at Craigslist.

It’s MOVEMBER ladies and gentleman.  Haven’t you heard?  Everyone is bustin’ out their goofy photos on social media and now you can help by checking out what this is all about.  My brother, Adrian Trumbo, is rockin’ his ‘stache to raise money and awareness to men’s health.  Join or support his team, LOS MOS LOCOS today!

adrian mustouche

I also reference to a wonderful website called where you can be inspired and get involved in various ways.  Just click the link and find out just how you can do just that.

If you would like to financially help with the relief efforts with the recent typhoon tragedy in the Philippines you can read this blog by Huffington Post that outlines the many organizations that are helping the disaster relief efforts.

Oprah talks about “The Secret” in this Youtube video:

Episode #6 Connie Erickson’s Guatemalan Artisan Sale

This interview was special to me since it was a recorded phone call with my mentor, “adoptive mom,” and “homie,” Connie Erickson.  I mentioned Connie in my last episode as my 6th grade teacher.  She is one of the most generous people I know, so I enjoyed speaking with her about her Guatemalan Artisan Sale that’s coming up on November 23rd and 24th at her home.

Connie discusses her inspiration, as a young 12 year-old girl, to want to learn about the people of Guatemala from reading John Stephens’ books.

She talked about the amazing and magnificent kites that were flown on the Day of the Dead in Sumpango, Guatemala.

We also chatted about Common Hope which is a wonderful organization that helps Guatemalan children and their families.

This is the flyer Connie created for the upcoming sale she is having:


Here are some of those photos of their most recent trip to Guatemala:










If you would be interested in contacting Connie and helping provide any sort of support to the people in Guatemala, you can email her at:

Thank you to all of the wonderful people, like Connie, who support families and people in other countries who really need and appreciate the help!  Also, a big thank you ahead of time (and for the past) to those who buy jewelry, textiles, etc. from Connie’s sales to help generate money for the people in Guatemala.

If you have any troubles with downloading the podcast to your computer, tablet, or smart phone, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Lastly, I’d also like any emails from people sharing messages of generosity I can share on Friday’s show.

Thank you all again for doing the work you do to make the world a better place!!!

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Please leave a review and enjoy the shows on-the-go.  

Episode #5 Help Ban The R-Word with Roxanne Riggio

Thank you for the interview, Roxanne Riggio!  YOU ROCK!

In this interview you’ll hear from a woman named Roxanne Riggio and her mom, Patty, as they share Roxie’s message of banning the R-word.  She strongly feels that people should stop using the R-word as it’s very hurtful to people with developmental delays or cognitive impairment. In this podcast episode she shares some of the struggles she went through (as an individual with ADHD and cognitive impairments herself) and why she’s insisting we all stop using the R-word.  I hope more than anything you listen to her message and share with others the importance of banning the r-word.

Are you ready to make a pledge to stop using the R-word?  

You can join the Facebook Group she started to Help Ban the R-word today!  (click the link)

Another way to support Roxanne’s campaign is to buy a t-shirt!

If you would like to learn more about Eastern Michigan University’s Best Buddies Program I encourage you to do so. Also, if you’re interested in the Special Olympics program, visit their website

You can watch a presentation by Roxanne at YouTube where she shares her inspiring story.

Please answer honestly:

Thank you for supporting Roxanne’s campaign and for listening to Generosity Philosophy Podcast.

Remember to let me know via email who you know that’s generous so we can give them thanks on the FANtastic Friday shows!  I can’t thank them if I don’t know about them, right?  

Thanks To The Volunteers!

Thank you to all of those who came out to volunteer at Green Acres Farm Sanctuary!

It was wonderful to see over 20 people helping to make the farm a better place for those wonderful animals.

Here are some photos from today:




Episode #4 FANtastic Fridays

I want these Friday shows to be YOUR show…..the fans, the listeners.  Are you out there?  My goal is that you will email me stories and examples of people who do generous things, so I can share those on the Friday episodes!  People don’t always get credit for the wonderful things they do, so I want to give them “props” on Fridays.

One of the first things I spoke about in this show was the John Steward Fundraiser at the Silver Creek Lanes Bowling Alley in Silverton, Oregon.  If you like bowling or want to donate things they can raffle off, contact Troy Shepard who created the “event” on Facebook.

When I talked about my friend Michelle’s family and what they do to raise money for organizations, we spoke about the Liberty House.  If you click here you can learn more about what the Liberty House does in Salem, Oregon.  We specifically talked about how they get together and play Minute To Win It games.

I mentioned gift cards you can give that can be spent on a charity of your choice. TisBest is the name of that company.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone again to THANK A VETERAN.

Monday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day and each and every Veteran deserves a word of appreciation for their service.  I talked about where people can go for FREE FOOD on Veteran’s Day and hope you enjoy and take advantage of those deals.

PLEASE email me at with stories of people you know (or even a story about yourself!) of generosity so I can share those stories on next Fridays show.  I continue to have such gratitude and appreciate for all of your support.  Thanks for subscribing, and I’d LOVE IT if you would give the show a star rating on iTunes and write a quick review.

Episode #3 with Tina Crow of Green Acres Farm Sanctuary

In this show I met with Tina Crow, Co-Founder & President of Green Acres Farm Sanctuary, in Silverton, Oregon.  She and I sat outside of the large, beautiful barn, on the farm while we conducted this interview.  I apologize that at times the wind picked up, an airplane flew over head, etc.  I wanted the you to feel as though you are sitting there with us and hearing those sounds along with us.

This farm is amazing and the animals each have such wonderful stories behind how they were rescued and ended up safe and well cared for at Green Acres with Tina.  She tells us a couple of those stories during this episode.  At the  Green Acres Website there are even more stories you can read all about the animals.  They have more information about how you can sponsor an animal, come volunteer at a work party, and other ways to support their organization.

You hear us talk about Houdini in this episode.  

Here is a photo of this special goat:


We also talked about a goose with an injured neck.

Here he is strutting his stuff:


Tina explained to me what an isolation barn is, and here’s a photo of one:


Puddle, the 3-legged goat, was probably one of my favorite animals at the farm.  He’s such a sweetheart.

Meet Puddle:


The puppies were way to fast for me to catch a photograph of, and they have since moved on to be adoptable at Safe Haven Humane Society. 

Tina mentions an organization called START that helps rescue animals, and you can click the word “Start” to view their website.

Here are a few other photos I took of the animals…

IMG_1778IMG_1753IMG_1772IMG_1771IMG_1768IMG_1769Fetus Jackson Donkey

You heard (if you listened to the podcast) Tina and I discussing a great opportunity to go volunteer for a “work party” out at the farm.  The next “work party” is Saturday, November 9, 2013 from 10am-12 noon.  My family will be there and I’d absolutely be so grateful if some of you who live here locally can come meet us out there to also pitch in!

There’s no greater feeling in the world than to make others happy and knowing you helped make a difference for others. In this case both other people, and animals!

Please “like” Green Acres Farm Sanctuary on Facebook to continue spreading the word about this great organization.

Additionally, the next fundraiser will be the second Sunday of December, on 12/8/13.  You can tour the sanctuary and enjoy refreshments from 11:00am-4pm.  They will be selling Christmas trees and wreaths!  You can find more details about that at

With so many ways you can help out, I hope you do!  Thanks for supporting the Generosity Philosophy podcast.

Episode #2 with Kris Knox from Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Foundation

In this episode we hear from Kris Knox, who is dedicated to promoting breast cancer awareness and helping find a cure.  She is the founder of the Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Foundation.  You’ll hear how much Kris is devoted to helping more people become educated and aware of breast cancer, and hear her story of how she is a survivor herself!

Each summer for the past 12 years Kris Knox has worked hard to organize and coordinate the annual Play For A Cure Oregon Softball Tournament in Salem, Oregon.  In this show we talk about her passion behind this idea she had, and how much of a positive impact one small idea has made on so many peoples lives.  Way to go Kris!

Here are a couple of photos from the tournament:


This is our “Got Milk” softball team…..  We had a lot of fun!


You can see more photos of the 2012 Play For A Cure Oregon Softball tournament by clicking here.

There are more photos and you can read about how the Foundation continues their efforts to build more awareness and education…..all the way in Nicaragua

As you heard in our conversation, there was also a fast pitch softball tournament that raised money for Play For A Cure Oregon and you can read more about that at the website.

Visit, Like, Share, and/or Comment on Play For A Cure Oregon Facebook Page.  

If you’d like to have a tournament, or any type of event to fundraise for the Lynda foundation contact Kris Knox to learn more about starting something like this in YOUR area!

Additionally you can….

  • Be a sponsor.

  • Sponsor a ball for the tournament.

  • Advertise your business.

  • Play on a team!

  • Create a fundraiser

I encourage you to get involved because the more of us who do will ultimately make this world a better place!

Thank you Kris Knox for sharing your story.  

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Episode #1 With Teri Anna & her Pawsitively Purrrrfect Plan for Shelter Animals

The very first thing I MUST say to anyone who is reading this is THANK YOU.  Thank you for listening to Generosity Philosophy, supporting this podcast, and your interest in learning about what I call everyday heroes. The stories shared by these wonderful and generous people will inspire and encourage you in many ways.  My hope is that more people in this world will trade in an hour or more of watching T.V. (or other activities) for an hour or more of volunteering.  Another idea for people to consider is giving up our favorite things for a week or a month such as Starbucks, wine, that new pair of shoes, etc. and instead donate that money to a cause that makes a difference in this world.  We all (including myself!) can improve on our generosity and get off our butts here and there to help be the good we all want to see in the world.  Plus doing so feels so great!  So really it’s a huge win-win.

Episode #1 with Teri Anna & Her Pawsitively Purrrfect Plan for Shelter Animals

You will hear in this podcast episode #1 of Generosity Philosophy about my daughter/niece who is saving money for shelter animals.  She shares her reason of why she is doing this, why and how others can help, and her thoughts about being generous. This episode is the definition of “short and sweet.”  Teri Anna will hopefully inspire you, as she does me everyday, to want to be a better person and help animals who don’t have a voice.

Teri Anna identifies Hopes Haven and the Willamette Valley Humane Society as the two places she would like to donate the money she raises to.

Here are a few photos of Teri Anna with her pets as well as her hangin’ out in the bed of our truck on a day when we went to the “bottle drop” to return cans and bottles for cash for the shelter animals.

IMG_6808Teri Anna posing with Zeek (left) and Ally (right)

IMG_7227  Zeek giving Teri Anna some kisses!


Kiki (top photo) thinks she owns our bed while Roxy (bottom) is usually fond of Teri Anna’s bed.

(Below) Photos of Teri Anna returning some of the donated cans and bottles to the Bottle Drop from the back of our truck.



Good job Teri Anna!  Way to go girl!

I sure hope you enjoyed the first episode of Generosity Philosophy.  Please do subscribe to the podcast at iTunes if you’d like to continue listening to the many wonderful guests we have coming up in future episodes.  Also, feel free to give a star rating!  Thanks again to everyone who is supporting this podcast, and more importantly, the people on it who are changing the world for the better.

Peace & Love,