Finding A Passion and Purpose by Kim Trumbo

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Finding A Passion and Purpose by Kim Trumbo


“He died.” The words I’ll never forget my mother telling me over the phone one day as I was driving home from work. Don’t worry I have hands-free Bluetooth in my vehicle, so I wasn’t holding a cell phone to my ear.

Often times when people lose a loved one they react in ways they never knew possible. My reaction several months after the death of my brother (who was only 27 years old) was that of “What is my purpose? How can I make this world a better place in this short time span I’m blessed to be alive on this planet?” I wasn’t sure at first. Then I found a love for listening to these free pieces of audio entertainment called podcasts! I decided surely there could be something I could say or get others to say (by way of…

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Almost at 100 Likes on Facebook

Thank you all for the continued “likes” on Generosity Philosophy Facebook page.  I’m hopeful this means at least a few of that crowd is interested in downloading the first episode and hearing Teri Anna tell about her story of saving money for shelter animals.  Who doesn’t love to hear the cute voice of a kid?!

Please “share” “comment” or “like” on facebook if you haven’t already.  Oh, and I started a twitter account for the podcast as well.  If you prefer to tweet, you can find the show @GPpodcast

Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy the first episode this coming Friday, Nov. 1st, 2013