Episode #5 Help Ban The R-Word with Roxanne Riggio

Thank you for the interview, Roxanne Riggio!  YOU ROCK!

In this interview you’ll hear from a woman named Roxanne Riggio and her mom, Patty, as they share Roxie’s message of banning the R-word.  She strongly feels that people should stop using the R-word as it’s very hurtful to people with developmental delays or cognitive impairment. In this podcast episode she shares some of the struggles she went through (as an individual with ADHD and cognitive impairments herself) and why she’s insisting we all stop using the R-word.  I hope more than anything you listen to her message and share with others the importance of banning the r-word.

Are you ready to make a pledge to stop using the R-word?  

You can join the Facebook Group she started to Help Ban the R-word today!  (click the link)

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If you would like to learn more about Eastern Michigan University’s Best Buddies Program I encourage you to do so. Also, if you’re interested in the Special Olympics program, visit their website

You can watch a presentation by Roxanne at YouTube where she shares her inspiring story.

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